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Child participating in pediatric apraxia therapy in Chicago, IL

Let’s help your child build communication skills, together.

Serving toddlers, kids, teens, & young adults in the NW suburbs of Chicago.

Welcome to

Strive to Thrive Therapy

Our mission is to provide individualized therapy services that meet the needs of your unique child and family. Your child will have fun as they build new skills and develop a strong foundation for communication, education, and daily life. We are committed to using interactive, client-led, and evidence-based approaches to ensure that your child grows quickly during positive learning experiences.

Our Specialized Therapy Services

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)

When treating childhood apraxia of speech, therapy will focus on teaching the motor plans for accurate speech production while also increasing functional communication.

Child participating in speech therapy for kids in Chicago, IL

Speech Sound Disorders

Articulation & Phonological Delays & Disorders

We integrate research-based methods into interactive and fun activities to treat each child’s speech sound challenges. 

Language Delays & Disorders

Services will begin with a comprehensive assessment to identify your child's specific language and/or literacy challenges, followed by individualized support to build new language and literacy skills.

Autism Spectrum Disorder & Social Language Disorders

We help clients develop skills in the areas of understanding, interpreting, and using both verbal and non-verbal communication within social situations.

Early Intervention for Children Ages 0-3

Early intervention services are for children birth to 3 years old who are experiencing delays in their communication and/or social and play skills. 

Executive Function &
Cognitive Linguistic Impairments

Executive functioning skills therapy helps clients address challenges related to attention, organization, setting priorities, and completing tasks independently. 

Teen participating in online speech therapy in Illinois

Dyslexia & Literacy Disorders

Reading, Writing, and Spelling

We support literacy skills such as reading fluency, comprehension, and writing to promote academic success.

Are you looking for professional coaching or support?

We are excited to offer dedicated coaching and consultation sessions for speech-language pathologists, related professionals, and parents! Use the link below to book your session.

prof consulting

Meet the Strive to Thrive Therapy Team!

Strive to Thrive Therapy graphic

Strive to Thrive is made up of devoted speech therapists and literacy experts who love to help children succeed.


Our team is led by Anne Hodits— a speech-language pathologist (SLP) with over a decade of experience in the field and expertise in supporting families who are navigating the challenges of Childhood Apraxia of Speech.

Our team believes in making therapy engaging, fun, and meaningful. We go above and beyond to ensure that your family is receiving the best possible care by consulting with parents, teachers, school speech therapists, pediatricians, and other service providers. We work hard to bridge the gap between the therapy room and the real world, allowing your child to thrive!

"Our son has made tremendous progress under her care... "

Anne is a true gem of the field: a highly skilled clinician who is diligent about refining her skills and with the ability to connect with children and families on their levels. Our son was nonverbal at age 2.5 when Anne first started working with him, and she wasn’t hesitant to enter into discussions about prognosis and treatment for his severe condition like other clinicians with which we had been partnered. Our son has made tremendous progress under her care, and Anne has demonstrated flexibility in her ability to maintain high quality care amidst changing forms of delivery during the pandemic. We love that she embraces his present level while continuing to challenge him in multiple areas to maximize his growth. Any child and family would benefit from her expertise and warm heart! Our son’s life has been dramatically impacted by her commitment to seeing kids with communication challenges succeed, and we are so grateful for her partnership!


Autistic child participating in play-based speech therapy in Chicago, IL


Strive to Thrive Therapy graphic


We serve clients in our welcoming and family-friendly Arlington Heights clinic.

Strive to Thrive Therapy graphic


Home-based therapy sessions foster new communication skills in your child’s most natural environment.

Strive to Thrive Therapy graphic


Online therapy sessions are evidence-based and conveniently offered to clients anywhere in Illinois.

Strive to Thrive Therapy graphic


We can meet with your child at their daycare, preschool, or other community settings.

Getting Started


Let's connect to discuss your child’s communication skills and get your therapy questions answered. We will make recommendations for the next steps for you and your child. If an evaluation is recommended, our director of administration will follow up to get you scheduled.


Attend an evaluation session.  All children have unique profiles and the evaluation session allows us to understand your child's strengths, observe their challenges, and learn what motivates them to communicate with the world around them.


Following the evaluation, we will review assessment results and share our professional recommendations. Together, we will develop a therapy plan and specific goals for your child. The frequency and duration of therapy sessions will be determined during this time as well.

Billing & Insurance

Strive to Thrive is currently in-network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois PPO

and UnitedHealthcare. For out-of-network clients, we provide a Superbill to help families seek reimbursement from their insurance for speech therapy services. 


Referrals directly from parents are accepted; however, it is best practice to discuss your concerns with your pediatrician/PCP and request a prescription for services prior to our first appointment. This prescription allows the entire care team to be involved and work together. 

Billing & Insurance
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